Too Old For Motor Racing

Welcome to my home page.

As you might already know that "Too Old For Motor Racing" above is the title of my book.  Most people will start on their motor racing journey at an early age and often they're not even in their teens when they start.  Carts have produced some of the finest drivers around today and it's obviously a great place to hone your skills for later in life.  Not me; I had all the interest I needed as a younger man but other things prevented me starting.

I don't expect to become rich from this but it'd be ​nice to get something that could help look after the car; it still costs a bit to keep her (and me) running each season.

I'm not an expert with blogging or the internet in general but I do have a very basic understanding so please bear with me as I sort things out.  I'll add things as I go and I'm open to suggestions so maybe I'll put some guest comments on.  If you want to get in touch then please do.  Details are on the contact page where I'll try to respond, at least to emails that don't question my parentage!!

​Thanks for looking in.


At the tender age of 62 a few things changed for me and I found myself in a position to reconsider. Truthfully I felt I was far too old but that's a crock.  If you want something I now think you should go for it.  Maybe you have to set your sights a little differently but for the most part we can do almost anything.

I'd love you to buy the book of course and it's available through Balboa Press and some other outlets in paperback or ebook.  Even better if you ask your local book-store to get it as that might just get them to consider stocking it.