Two Old For Motor Racing

Don Simpson

I've opened this page so that I can keep you informed of my progress (if any).  I started my racing career in 2012 at the tender age of 62.  I always fancied driving a race car and started to prepare a grass track car many years ago in the UK.  Then a family and commitments changed my priorities for quite a few years until I finally decided to do it.  It took some persuasion from some friends after I'd bought a ready to go 1986 Honda Civic which was competitive in its class and the job was done.

And here she is, car number 40 in the Improved Production Racing Association Western Australia (IPRAWA) series.

The decal of the girl had to be removed.  It's my friend Silke and everyone loved it.  The idea was that she looked as if she was reclining in the back with one leg dangling out of the front window. It worked well and may even have been a distraction to the other drivers but the scrutineers saw it differently and it had to go.